Thursday, December 03, 2009

Round 4 Classic Books for Leaders

Today we feature two classics on negotiation and conflict resolution: Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury, and Ury's complementary book - Getting Past No. Every leader must negotiate with external parties, but also with colleagues and subordinates. The ability to resolve disputes is essential for a leader. These books provide sound, practical advice rooted in extensive scholarship over many years. One example of the terrific advice: Focus on interests, not positions when a dispute emerges. In so doing, you can often discover mutual potential gains rather than remaining stuck in a zero sum game mentality.


JobsVancouverHQ said...

I totally agree: behind an apparent simplicity lies very powerful concepts: the true mark of great books

Peter Osborne said...

These are truly great books. As I look over the list of classic books, there is a certain Harvard Business School "bias" (not that that's a bad thing). When it comes to negotiations, I prefer those by Ron Shapiro and Mark Jankowski, starting with The Power of Nice. Ron is the agent for Cal Ripken and has done a tremendous job creating simple tools and strategies.