Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyond Good and Evil: HBS Dean Nitin Nohria


Anonymous said...

"The real test of a person's character is to give them power." Very interesting. However, do you think at some level power corrupts a person's character?

Elco Jol said...

Derk Sauer (founder of Moscow Times and magazine industry in Russia) once told me in an interview: "Unchallenged power corrupts, which hold for almost any Human". As an example he named numerous leaders that he had spoken with personally before they rose to power (Robert Mugabe, Putin, and others) who started out with beautiful virtuous ideas, but once in power, these ideas were not the main cause anymore of these leaders anymore.

Although the statement of "unchallenged power corrupts" is not a universal truth, it is a generalization of human behavior which is true in most cases. (the quality of the interview is bad, i apologize for this)