Thursday, June 02, 2011

Engaging Customers Through Gaming

Many firms have begun to use gaming technology to engage their customers. As an example, take the latest move by the wine website Snooth. The firm has created Wine Rack, a gaming layer to its site in which consumers can win virtual souvenirs and trophies based on how much they have learned and discovered about wine. Mashable recently highlighted this new feature, pointing out that gaming technology holds great promise for creating a closer connection with customers. It makes a website an active experience, and it brings customers back more often. In addition, customers stay longer when they visit the site. I think Snooth is showing also that gaming can be a great way to educate your customers about your product category.


CJ and PK said...

And of course, wine enthusiasts only drink wine in order to win "virtual souvenirs and trophies", don't they?

(To say nothing of encouraging alcohol consumption through gaming...)

Anonymous said...

Gaming ties, interestingly enough, to a later Dan Pink post on motivation. Games, when designed properly, drive Mastery. Much like the reason why people learn a musical instrument on the weekends, more and more people are finding the challenge in their lives through gaming. You learn a little, you move up. You are constantly challenged to the next hurdle. First person shooter games are only part of the equation. Now it's wine. Not whining please!