Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Reasserting your Brand

Author and consultant Nick Tasler has a good article on Business Week's website regarding how firms can reassert their brand after a rocky period.   He uses Starbucks' turnaround recently to illustrate his points.  Starbucks realized it had strayed from its coffee roots and diluted its brand equity.   It had to clarify the brand's positioning.  Starbucks did so by trying to reassert itself as the "coffee authority."  Tasler argues that firms must take three steps to reassert their brand.

1. Decide what your equivalent is to being “the coffee authority.”   What do you want to be known for in the market?  For what do you want to be known as a leader?

2. Decide what you should start doing more of to reassert your authority.  What innovations can you bring to market to burnish your reputation as a leader in a particular market space?   Where should you invest to rebuild your competitive advantage? 

3. Decide what you should stop doing in order to reassert your authority.   What activities should you stop doing because they dilute your brand, distract management attention, and make you far too similar to other players in the market?  

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