Friday, January 25, 2013

Bryant IDEA

Over the past year, I have worked with an incredible group of people to create, plan, and execute Bryant IDEA: Innovation and Design Experience For All - a three day innovation immersion experience for all 746 first-year students.   Students applied design thinking to tackle complex real world problems.  They conducted anthropological research in the community, engaged in brainstorming sessions, and employed rapid prototyping techniques to develop creative solutions to these challenges.   Faculty, staff, upperclassmen students, and alumni mentored these student teams.  It was an exhausting and thrilling experience.  I hope you enjoy this video. 


Adil Nemat said...

"Bryant IDEA"- What a great "cohesion". Freshmen performing Thought Provoking Experiments + getting mentored at the same time. Great way to surge forward and test the norms of reality after college.

Dr. Michel how were the teams divided:-

i) Major Specific.

ii) Idea Bank.

iii) How many members in each group.

Which group did you mentor and how was the outcome.

Thank you as always for your exquisite + exemplary blog posts.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Here's to an inspired 2013!

Adil Nemat

Adil Nemat said...
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