Friday, September 25, 2015

The Final Interview Question

We've all faced that final job interview question: Do you have any questions for me?  We've heard the advice.  Be sure to ask questions that show you have done your homework about the organization.  I agree completely.  I think another question is equally crucial: If I joined the firm, what do you think a successful first year would look like?  What would we have accomplished?  That question can really help you determine whether their expectations are reasonable, and whether you have the capabilities to meet those expectations.  You can also get a sense of the culture.  Did they respond by simply citing some metrics you must achieve, or did they talk about building relationships, developing a team, etc.?  If different interviewers give you radically different answers to this question, it tells you the organization is not on the same page about this role.  That's not good news.  

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It true that we all need preparation before entering into interview room.
some questions are repeated and by prepare them we can crack the Job Interview.