Monday, June 27, 2016

What Do Job Seekers Want?

Wade Burgess, VP of talent solutions at LinkedIn, wrote an article for Fast Company this week.  He explains the findings from the company's 2016 Talent Trends study.   In that research, LinkedIn asked more than 26,000 people about their job search process.   These job seekers reported that they cared the most about the following three things:

1.  Culture:  Burgess writes, "More than two-thirds (66%) of survey respondents wanted to know about a company’s culture and values above all else when considering changing jobs."  

2.  Big-Ticket Benefits:  Burgess writes, "Our research suggests that job seekers will pass on smaller luxuries in favor of familiar items that have a bigger impact on quality of life.  Just over three-quarters of U.S. workers prefer great health care packages over schedule flexibility and remote working, parental leave, free food, onsite daycare, gym memberships, or allowing pets in the office."

3. The Company's Mission: Burgess writes, "Job seekers in our survey care quite a bit about prospective employers' missions but want to know how they make them a reality."

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