Thursday, September 08, 2016

Great Advice for Those with Creative Ideas

Matthew Jones has written a neat column for Fast Company titled, "5 Ways You Can Improve Your Organization (Without Sacrificing Creativity)." Most importantly, he recommends setting some priorities. He suggests that individuals, "Stop taking on more projects." Similarly, he writes, "Don't attach yourself to every great idea." In other words, know when to say no. You may have tons of creative ideas, but there are only so many that you can develop and implement at any given point in time. You may be asked to participate in lots of exciting projects, but you have to know your limits. Jones argues, "Most individuals will find that their creativity will plummet when trying to take on too many tasks at the same time."   I think it's terrific advice, because innovation ultimately is about more than creating a new concept or idea.  It's about creating AND implementing that new idea.  Taking on too many tasks at once reduces the probability that you will transition from creative thinker to effective innovator.  

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