Thursday, November 10, 2016

What Will Our Rivals Do?

Do you want to spark creative thinking in a team meeting? David Burkus recommends asking how competitors might overtake, surprise, and/or outflank you. Here's an excerpt from his latest column for

Instead of thinking up what you should do, think about how your rivals are working to counteract what you're already doing? How would you drive yourself out of the market? Research suggests that we're able to think of more creative solutions when our frame of reference is someone else, rather than ourselves. In addition, if you think of what you're competitors would do to steal your customers, you can think of ways to turn that around and gain more customers yourself.

I recommend taking it one step further. Ask some members of your team to role play the competition. Have them devise strategies to destroy your business, or responses to your next proposed strategic move. That type of role play can open some eyes and help you reframe a situation to spark creative thinking.

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