Friday, August 21, 2009

Team-Color Bud Cans?

Anheuser Busch, now owned by international beer company Inbev, has launched a new marketing campaign featuring Bud Light cans that come in the team colors of various universities. As you might expect, this new packaging has raised the ire of many college administrators. Is Bud encouraging underage drinking with this campaign? Have they gone one step too far in their efforts to make the brand appealing to young adults? Of course, many college students drink a great deal of beer regardless of the color of the can. Is this campaign actually going to increase beer consumption on campus, or is it likely to simply convert some consumption from other brands to Bud Light? While I'm not sure I approve of the marketing campaign, I'm not convinced it is going to increase consumption overall. I do think that it may help Bud Light capture share from its rivals though.

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