Friday, May 17, 2013

Amy's Baking Company: From Bad to Worse

Gordon Ramsay recently featured a restaurant called "Amy's Baking Company" on his popular TV show, Kitchen Nightmares.  I have posted a trailer for the episode below.    Erik Sherman of CBS Moneywatch writes, "The clip actually does justice to the full episode. By the end, Ramsay has done something for the first time on the program: He walks away from the restaurant, declaring that the owners can neither accept criticism nor follow suggestions."   The company had itself a major public relations problem.  What did they do?   They took to social media to respond.  Things got worse.  Instead of accepting the criticism and trying to apologize and promise to make amends, they attacked their critics!   Then, when the public relations nightmare got worse, they claimed that their social media accounts had been hacked.  Amy's Baking Company then launched a new Facebook page.  What did they do?  They continued to attack their critics!  Now they have removed that Facebook page as well!   It's an unbelievable story.  What's the lesson?  Where do I begin?  Let's just say we could start with one piece of good advice when it comes to social media:  Take a deep breath.  Sit on that draft for awhile before you post it in a fit of anger or frustration.  Maybe even better... don't go on reality shows! 


- Youngblood said...

I think this is great advice. People are so quick to forget, once you post something to the Internet, it is NOT going to go away.

- Youngblood said...
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