Thursday, May 30, 2013

Can Packaging Innovation Revive Carbonated Soft Drink Sales?

Fast Company features a story this week about Coke's innovative new "sharing can" featured in the video below.  It makes you wonder:  Can packaging innovation revive sagging carbonated soft drink sales?  In developed markets, health and wellness concerns, coupled with many new alternative beverages, have dragged down sales of colas.  We have seen packaging energize other mature brands in beverages.  Take, for instance, the Coors Light cans where the blue color of the Rocky Mountains on the bottle indicate that the beer is very cold.  Coors Light rode this focus on "cold" to a stronger market share position in the US beer market - a market where sales have been relatively flat for some time.  Of course, Coors Light didn't just innovate on packaging... they truly have owned that market position as the "cold" beer.  The combination of positioning and packaging is what made their strategy successful.  Can Coke pull something similar off in the days ahead?

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