Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Break Up the Washington Post Corporation

If I told you that a company had the following business units, what would you say? 
  • an education and test preparation business
  • a set of local television stations
  • an internet company that helps churches engage in outreach and raise money
  • a company that makes components for industrial furnaces
  • a home healthcare and hospice provider
Most analysts would say that this company has a scattered strategy.   The company: the Washington Post Co. - or whatever it will be called now that Jeff Bezos has bought the flagship newspaper for $250 million.   With the newspaper gone, the Washington Post Co. will soon face pressure for more strategic change.  Investors will argue that this unrelated diversification strategy makes no sense.  Investors can diversify risk much more effectively and less expensively on their own.  They don't need the executives at the Washington Post Co. to do that diversification for them.  

Most people are focused on the Bezos' acquisition right now.  They are examining the future of the newspaper.  Can Bezos transform it?  Soon, though, many eyes will turn to the company that remains.  Expect investors to push for more change.   They will, rightfully, demand a clear strategy moving forward.  The key question: What does the Washington Post Co. want to be moving forward?

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