Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Habits of Resilient People

Breast cancer survivor Gwen Moran has written a terrific article at Fast Company titled, "Six Habits of Resilient People."  While all six habits are great, I wanted to stress two of them here.  First, she notes that resilient individuals have "multiple identities."  In other words, they don't allow themselves to be completely defined by one job, hobby, relationship, etc.   By having multiple identities, they can focus on an area (or two) that is strong, when perhaps they have encountered failure in a particular aspect of their life.  Second, they practice forgiveness.  They don't hold grudges, and they don't dwell on past hurts.  Instead, they find ways to forgive and move beyond a situation that may have hurt them badly.  I highly recommend reading the entire article for more thoughts on resilience from Gwen Moran.