Friday, October 31, 2014

Mayor Tom Menino: Leadership is about more than making speeches

Tom Menino, long-time mayor of the city of Boston, died yesterday at age 71.  He served as Boston's mayor for two decades.   He enjoyed widespread popularity and respect.   Menino accomplished a great deal during his time as the city's leader.   I think we can take an important lesson away from Menino's incredible success.   Was Tom Menino a terrific speaker?  Not at all.  People made fun of how inarticulate he could be at times.  They referred to him as "Mumbles Menino."    However, Menino had tremendous leadership skills.   Too often, we became enamored with political candidates who deliver a wonderful speech.   That does not make them a leader.   They have to be able to execute.   Menino could do just that.   He understand how to get things done, and he knew how to stay incredibly connected with his constituents.  

Thank You Mayor Menino (440)
Source:  Boston's official website

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