Monday, November 03, 2014

Bryant's Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization Wins Best Chapter in the Nation!

I serve as the adviser to Bryant University's chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization.  Our student group competed against 400 other chapters throughout the nation at this year's CEO conference in Orlando, FL.  On Saturday, the group earned the Best Chapter in the Nation Award!  This recognition marks the fifth time in the past decade that the Bryant group as earned the best chapter award.  The prize demonstrates the vibrant culture of entrepreneurship that thrives at our university.   Very proud!

Congratulations to Renee Lawlor, President of our chapter, and her entire executive board.  Congrats also to Harris Roberts, past president and now alumnus of Bryant, who helped create the foundation for this big win during his two years leading the group.  Thank you, Harris, for traveling with the group to Orlando.

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MPL said...

Congratulations, Michael. I understand the kids took on the competition on their own. I was talking with some of them the night before they left - and were they ever determined to win. And they did!