Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nancy Dubuc: Building a Great Team & Learning From Failure

In this week's New York Times Corner Office column, Adam Bryant interviews Nancy Dubuc, CEO of A&E Networks.  Dubuc (a native of Bristol, RI) describes her philosophy for building a great team:

How do you hire?  A lot of it is intuition. I also think about the skills I have and the skills I need. I’m a big believer in the idea that people tend to fall into one of three camps — you’re either a thinker, a doer or a feeler.  So I’ll be thinking about the mix of those three groups on my teams. If you have all thinkers, nothing will get done. If you have all doers, that can be really chaotic because you’re not necessarily thinking about the there, but at least they’re trying to solve the problem. And feelers are important because they create energy - but if you have too many of them, they will just dramatize the moment.  When the put the different kinds of people together in the right way, that can be very powerful.  You never want that out of balance.

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