Monday, April 27, 2009

Motivating without Money

Matthew Boyle has a good article over at Business Week on "Motivating without Money."

There is no question that many firms do not spend enough time thinking about how to enhance the intrinsic motivation of their employees. Far too much time is often spent on trying to perfect the extrinsic reward system.

Scholars Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham developed a job design model many years ago that highlights some of the key drivers of intrinsic motivation. They essentially identified key job characteristics that drive intrinsic motivation, and ultimately, task performance. Here are the five key characteristics of a job to consider:

1. Does the job tap into and regularly require use of a variety of the employee's skills?

2. Does the job entail the performance of the whole task, from start to finish, rather than a tiny portion of the task?

3. Is it clear to the employee that the task is highly significant to the organization?

4. Does the employee have a subsantial degree of autonomy with regard to how to accomplish the work?

5. Does the employee receive clear and immediate feedback regarding the job he or she performs?