Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jana Eggers and Spreadshirt

Check out The Hopkinson Report for an interesting podcast about Jana Eggers and her company, Spreadshirt. Eggers' company provides customers with the opportunity to purchase customized, real-time t-shirts on-line, without having to buy large quantities. Customization represents a huge growth opportunity for many companies, yet it seems to have been underexploited in many cases. Has your firm considered how it might offer customized products? They represent an opportunity to differentiate, drive higher margins, and avoid head-to-head price competition with rivals.

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Unknown said...

An even stronger move would be to provide proprietary customization. When the design on the t-shirt is copywrited to someone other than the buyer, that ensures revenue streams into the future.

This is an especially important lesson for those in professional services. Creating and keeping those services customized and personal over the long run is the key to sustained success.