Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Info BEFORE the meeting!

If leaders want meetings to be more productive, they ought to require that documents and other presentation materials be distributed at least 24 hours prior to the session. They then must hold people accountable for reviewing these documents before attending the meeting. In so doing, leaders will cultivate much more robust dialogue during meetings and avoid lengthy PowerPoint dog and pony shows. People can offer useful comments and critiques, because they have had time to digest the information. Team members will not be reacting on the spot to something they have never seen. It takes discipline to accomplish this type of meeting norm, but it can be done.

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..MG Bennett said...

I also always wondered why heads up are not given prior to presentation. may be most presentations are not meant as lectures you need to master and know well. Rather they are like boosting morale with some learning benefits movie about the business. It is meant to motivate, possibly entertain and if we remember a few key concepts - that's about it - their purpose is achieved.