Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Learning from Kardashian? Twitter Anticipation

Mark Pasetsky writes over at about a lesson we can learn from Kim Kardashian regarding the effective use of social media. Pasetsky explains that Kardashian has been providing "exclusive" info to her Twitter followers building up to the release of a new album in a few days. The tweets either provide information directly, or drive fans to her blog to reveal additional information. While we may not be fans of Kardashian, we can take a lesson from this example from Pasetsky. A social media campaign should be thought of as a process that begins well before the actual launch of a new product or service. Staged correctly, a series of actions via social media outlets can help build up to a very successful launch. That type of campaign can be far more effective than a series of Tweets, blog posts, and the like that all hit on the day of, or immediately after, a new product introduction.

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