Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Retailers: putting yourself in kids' shoes!

I visited a number of NYC retailers today with a group of sales executives from a major consumer products firm. I was struck by the contrast in how two firms approached children's products. At one retailer, a line of products appealing to kids sat well above the sight and reach of children. They were so high that i missed them until someone else pointed them out. At the Times Square Disney, on the other hand, we learned that managers walked around on their knees as they built the store to see it from kids' perspectives. They considered the sight lines for a child slightly reclined in a stroller. They employ iTouch devices to allow parents to pay at the point of sale at the "customized cars" station, so kids don't have to wait in line to pay after spending 15-20 minutes building their unique car. They have truly put themselves in children's shoes and minds to design the store experience. All retailers need to do this, while remembering to also cater to the parent who ultimately is making the purchases.

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