Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Getting Started in a New Job

Ximena Vengoechea has written a good article for Fast Company about taking a new job.  The article is titled, "10 Ways to Make the Most of Your First Month at a New Job."  I especially liked the first three tips:
  • Prioritize what are the most important things to learn:  What do you need to know, and what matters most when it comes to that initial learning curve?   Think broadly, not just in terms of technical expertise.  Think in terms of what you need to learn about the social network at the firm -  the influencers, the gatekeepers, and other influential players.   Think also in terms of what you need to learn about the culture and values of the organization. 
  • Find someone you can ask all the embarrassing questions:  Who will you turn to in order to learn the truth about certain topics?  Which topics are tough to address publicly?  Who can be trusted?  Who can be a good private sounding board?
  • Identify opportunities for quick wins:  To me, this step is most important. Find the low hanging fruit.  Achieve some small victories so that you can build allies, deter opponents, prove that your ideas can work, and build powerful momentum.  

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Unknown said...

This is a very relevant article for everyone starting a new job. There is a lot of fact gathering and listening needed. At the same time building a support structure is key. Too many executives fail in the first 18 months because of their failure to succesfully integrate the new company.

Thanks for sharing.