Monday, April 06, 2015

What do we want from our managers?

Gallup has released some interesting findings from a survey of 7,200 employees across a wide array of organizations.  Gallup has done some outstanding work in the past showing that many workers are not engaged or even actively disengaged at their jobs.  The lack of engagement often has much more to do with a bad boss than it does with other broader attributes of organizations. In this survey, Gallup's results help us understand what employees desire from their managers.  Here are three big takeaways:

1.  People want their managers to communicate very often with them... daily seems to be the desired frequency.   They also want their bosses to be approachable.  Engaged employees tend to be those who feel very comfortable asking their boss a question at any time.

2. Employees desire clear guidance regarding objectives and priorities.   They want to know: What should I be working on right now?   What's most important?

3.  People want everyone to be held accountable in a fair way.  Equal standards for all: that's the desired state. 

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