Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GM Turns "Chevy Guy" Gaffe Into Positive Promotion

During the presentation of the World Series MVP trophy, a Chevy manager (Rikk Wilde) became very nervous.  He had a hard time getting the right words out, and eventually he described the Chevy truck as, "class-winning and leading, you know, technology and stuff."   Soon, #chevyguy and #technologyandstuff began to trend on Twitter.  GM didn't reprimand the employee.  Instead, Wilde's bosses understood why he had become so nervous.  Moreover, GM decided to capitalize on the social media buzz created by the gaffe.  They even incorporated the gaffe into their online promotions.  Jamie Barbour, a social media manager at GM, began the company's efforts by tweeting at 1:29am: "Truck yeah the 2015 #ChevyColorado has awesome #TechnologyAndStuff!"  Then the company used #TechnologyAndStuff with three online video ads the next day.   They even bought prime time spots during late night comedy shows to run one of those ads.   I love these types of stories.  Companies should be willing to laugh at themselves sometimes, and they should turn these types of gaffes into marketing opportunities whenever possible. 

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