Thursday, November 13, 2014

Onboarding Employees the Whirlpool Way: "Real Whirled"

Companies are experimenting with many new ways to onboard young employees.   Whirlpool has one of the more novel systems.   They have run a program called "Real Whirled" for 15 years.  A group of new young employees live together for 10 weeks in a two-story condo in Michigan.  According to this article in Fast Company, "For those 10 weeks you're spending most of your waking hours using their products in the kitchen and laundry room and comparing them with competitors, hosting dinners for executives, going to product testing labs—essentially becoming one with the appliances you will eventually sell on the sales floor."  Nearly 400 people have gone through this program at Whirlpool.   Not everyone thrives in this environment.  However, Fast Company reports that, "Since 2009, Whirlpool has retained 80% of everyone who has participated. There is also an extensive alumni network, filled with people in all parts of the company..."  


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