Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hiring an Executive Search Firm at GM

News reports indicate that the federal government pressured new General Motors Chairman of the Board Kent Kresa to hire Spencer Stuart, an executive search firm, to recruit new directors for the firm. Now, I understand and respect the function of executive search firms. However, I'm a bit shocked that we would be spending taxpayer dollars to hire a search firm to find new directors for GM. Why can't the federal government's hand-picked Chairman, Kent Kresa, and those "brains" at the U.S. Treasury find good solid directors on their own? Kresa apparently wanted to do this on his own. I can understand not wanting him to simply hand select them completely on his own, but do we really want to hire a search firm at a company that is bleeding cash at this rate? After all, we didn't hire a search firm when the federal government decided to hire a new CEO. Isn't the CEO position a bit more important than board positions? We have the federal government making strategic decisions about the brands GM should shut down and the kinds of cars that they should build, yet those same federal officials do not feel capable of identifying and selecting board candidates. What sense does that make?


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