Monday, June 29, 2009

Made to Stick

I just finished reading Chip and Dan Heath's best-selling book, Made to Stick, while on vacation in Maine. What a terrific book! The Heath brothers explain how we can create, spot, and communicate ideas that people both memorable and compelling. I love the blend of research insights, practical advice, and convincing examples. The Heath brothers boil "stickiness" down to six key principles: simplicity, unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotions, and stories. For those who are interested in increasing the impact of their ideas, this book is a must-read.

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Tom Magness said...

I agree with your assessment of "Made to Stick," Michael. I especially appreciated the value they placed on storytelling as a way to convey ideas. I think this is such a key element of communication. The best leaders (and preachers, public speakers, and politicians) are always great storytellers. Their messages always "Stick!" Thanks Professor! TM