Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Thinking Inside The Box

Consider this scenario: The CEO decides to hold a special long term strategic planning session. He or she reserves a conference room at an off-site location - perhaps a nice resort. The executive team gets together in a room with a nice oak table, white walls, and leather chairs. The only thing at each seat is a notepad and perhaps a few slides outlining key financial targets. Now the group is commanded to "think outside the box" and create a bold and innovative strategy for the future. Yet, what's really happened is the leader is asking everyone to think inside a rather sterile box! Where is the fuel for innovative thinking? Why not have materials, photos, and videos all over the room to spark dialogue? Why not have rivals' new products on display? Where are the latest prototypes from the firm's R&D labs? To think outside the box, CEOs have to set the stage. They can't just being people to a luxurious, but quite sterile, box!

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