Thursday, February 20, 2014

Can Creativity Be Taught?

Fast Company polled the individuals on its "Most Creative People" list to ask them about their views on the question: Can creativity be taught?   73% of them believe it can.   What are the qualities of a creative individual?  Here's what they said:
 A whopping 35% of respondents said that the most important quality in a creative businessperson is a willingness to kill ideas they love. Having a lot of those ideas in the first place was most important to 28% of people polled, and being an easy collaborator topped the list for 29%. Being a good manager? Important to business, but not necessarily to creativity.

How does one become more creative?   According to Fast Company, "An overwhelming number of those polled tied increased creativity to breaking out of patterns, exploring new environments, and being open to the unfamiliar."  

Question for all those reading this blog: What are you doing to expose yourself to new disciplines, ways of thinking, environments, people, and ways of doing business?  How can you access the unfamiliar, rather than just focusing narrowly on what you know best? 

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