Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Value of Internships

Students in college often fret over landing that attractive internship over the summer.  Should they worry so much about internships?  Or, should college students be content with a decent job as a waiter or waitress over the summer?   Business Week's data from its undergraduate business school rankings survey indicates that they should be working hard to land that internship.  The magazine reports that, "Overall, 75 percent of students said they had an internship. Of those, 61 percent had a job offer in hand by the winter of their senior year, compared with 28 percent of students without an internship."  It appears that internships matter a great deal in certain industries, such as banking and consulting.   Overall, though, they are valuable regardless of what field you choose.  I know that many firms recruiting here at Bryant University do much of their hiring through their internship program.  Their goal, in fact, is to fill most of their openings through hiring of summer interns who performed very well.   They prefer that mode of hiring to the usual process of interviewing seniors who are approaching commencement. 

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