Monday, June 13, 2016

Introducing The Food Truck Challenge!

I am very excited to announce the launch of a new online experiential exercise that I have developed in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing and Forio (the same partners with whom I collaborated on two prior simulations including the Everest Leadership and Team Simulation).   This new teaching tool is titled, New Venture Exercise: The Food Truck Challenge.  Unlike my prior simulations, this exercise is designed to be run in just 30 minutes.  Faculty members should be able to run the exercise and debrief it in a single class session.   In this online exercise, students try to run a successful food truck in the city of Boomtown. Students work individually or in teams to achieve maximum revenue over 5 simulated weeks and win the "Food Truck Challenge." In each round, students make decisions about where to park and what menu item to offer in hopes of finding the best menu-location combination and yielding the highest sales.  We believe that this exercise is well-suited for instructors teaching entrepreneurship, design thinking, new product development, innovation, and team/organizational learning topics and courses.   I hope that many professors will take a look!  

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LH said...

I'm excited to incorporate this simulation into my Spring 2017 course. Thank you for creating such a fantastic way for students to experience elements of entrepreneurship, design thinking and innovation as they learn how to experiment, fail, iterate, and get back out there with an improved value proposition. This is exactly the type of simulation I've been looking for to share with my students.