Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Johnnie Walker: The Man Who Walked Around The World

My good friend, John Crosby, sent me a link to this video this morning.  The brilliant and creative short film features Scottish actor Robert Carlyle telling us the history of the iconic whiskey brand Johnnie Walker.   The short film offers some fun facts about the company's history, such as the rationale for the square bottle and the slanted label.   Moreover, the constant walking, use of props, and beautiful scenery truly are captivating.

To me, the short film demonstrates the creative way in which companies can use lengthier web videos, on platforms such as YouTube, to do things that you cannot do in a brief 60 second television advertisement.  Sharing the history of a brand in a creative manner can be a wonderful way to reinforce its authenticity.

The genius of this "Keep Walking" brand campaign by Johnnie Walker is that it is wrapping the brand in history and nostalgia while simultaneously offering a message of progress and hope for the future.  That can prove to be a tricky proposition.  No brand wants to be "your father's Oldsmobile" when it comes to categories such as whiskey.  Yet, the history and the roots of the brand are a key part of the image and positioning that make it iconic.   This short film threads the needle beautifully, bringing together past, present, and future in an authentic way.

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John Crosby said...

I thought the opening, "Hey piper, shut it!" was jarring but established an instant hip mojo and accomplished much of what you say.

Such a cleverly done ad.

"We" Scots know how to market our heritage. Kilt/pipes/whiskey aren't instant winners on the surface.