Monday, November 25, 2013

The Myths of Creativity

David Burkus has published a new book titled The Myths of Creativity.  I highly recommend it.  In the book, Burkus explains how creativity truly works, drawing on the latest research as well as plenty of compelling examples.  Here are a few myths that he exposes:

  • The Eureka myth:  the truth is that most great creative ideas do not emerge in a flash of instant brilliance. 
  • The Lone Creator myth:  the truth is that many great ideas are works of collaboration, not the product of a lone genius. 
  • The Brainstorming myth:  the truth is that brainstorming itself is not a bad thing, but the notion that it will produce a fully formed idea that translates directly into a successful innovation... that's a mistaken belief. 
  • The Constraints myth:  the truth is that creative potential is not necessarily diminished by constraints.  Constraints, indeed, can be helpful in the innovation process.
To learn more about the book, check out this feature on CBS This Morning about Burkus' work.

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